• Over 8,000+ Hour¬†Lifespan!¬† ¬†
  • Operates in Extreme Temperatures! temps ranging¬†from -4-F - 104-F
  • Waterproof IP67 rated sealed¬†enclosure,¬† for extreme¬†weather¬†conditions!¬†
  • 100,000+ satisfied customers world wide, already enjoying Spectrum Laser Lights in their home or business.

Spectrum Laser Lights! Decorate your entire home for the holiday season in less than 10 minutes. The worlds most intelligent high definition Laser Lights, covering over 3,100 square ft. in seconds with Laser Christmas Lights. No set up, no ladders, no mess!

A better way of decorating, by decorating smarter not harder. Ladders, hooks, suction cups and hours of tangled lights, are all unnecessary to achieve stunning displays. There IS a better way!

The largest selection of Laser Light models in the world! Decorate your entire Home or Business with over 3,100+ sq ft of Laser Christmas Lights in less than 10 mins with the worlds most intelligent High Definition Laser Lights. No set up, no ladders, no mess! Shop our Holiday Laser Projectors multi pattern laser projectors with up to 48 patterns! Fast Shipping - Worldwide!

What is a Spectrum Laser Light? 

Our Laser Lights consist of several components. A high powered projector laser diode, of corresponding color wavelength, sealed in a solid metal or high strength polymer enclosure. The laser is projected through a three layer diffraction glass which fractures the laser projection into thousands of tiny dots. Each laser light has an intelli-board thermostat which regulates temperature inside the housing, extending the lifespan of each light. The housing itself is sealed and completely waterproof meeting IP65 standards to handle the harshest environments. Each light includes a wireless remote to control the function and features depending on the model you choose. We offer static (non-moving) Laser models as well as dynamic (moving) Laser models, depending on the desired effect. Additionally color combinations can be combined for desired effect. 8,000+ hours life expectancy.