Over 100,000 points of light!

Spectrum Laser Lights Deliver, on whole home coverage. up to 3,100 square feet!

Decorate your entire home for the holiday season in less than 10 minutes. The worlds most intelligent high definition Laser Lights, covering over 3,100 square ft. in seconds with Laser Christmas Lights. No set up, no ladders, no mess!

A better way of decorating, by decorating smarter not harder. Ladders, hooks, suction cups and hours of tangled lights, are all unnecessary to achieve stunning displays. There IS a better way!

Spectrum Laser Lights

The largest selection of Laser Light models in the world! Decorate your entire Home or Business with over 3,100+ sq ft of Laser Christmas Lights in less than 10 mins with the worlds most intelligent High Definition Laser Lights. No set up, no ladders, no mess! Shop our Holiday Laser Projectors multi pattern laser projectors with up to 48 patterns! Fast Shipping - Worldwide!

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What's the Deal with All these Laser Lights?

There are a plethora of laser lights on the market. Star Shower, Blisslight, 1byone, to name a few. Even department stores now offer simple feature basic low end value projectors with an inexpensive price What is the deal?  Why so many, and how do I choose? The laser projector market is crowded!

*90 day warranty | Limited tech support

*No remote control or infrared only

*2,500 square ft of coverage or less

*Low Quality Components

*No Bluetooth Streaming

*No Patterns or Few Pattern Models

*No Timer Function

Ours Are the Best! - Buy Ours!

That's what you thought we would say...RIGHT?! The truth is, most laser light projectors are pretty good. Our engineers have tested our products compared to some of these other brands, and found them all to be equally decent overall. The differences come down to consumers specific needs. Price, Features, Support and Use, can determine which brand is best for you!

Consumers are savvy, Comparing the projectors features before choosing is the best way to determine which brand is right for your needs. We are happy you are considering a laser projector for your displays.

We aren't going to say buy ours over another brand, however…the old saying you get what you pay for proves to be accurate when it comes to laser light decorating.

The Spectrum Laser Lights Choice

We serve families and businesses, providing amazing projectors and excellent support. Using only the highest grade components and integrate the most advanced features into our projectors. Bluetooth integrated speakers for audio streaming, and music syncing for awesome laser shows!

Spectrum Laser Lights displays

are featured at some of these well known Holiday light display destinations! Stop by this holiday season to experience our laser light displays and enjoy the fun festivities!

100,000+ satisfied customers

shipping worldwide

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