Holiday Shipping


Holiday Peak Shipping Period: October 1st - January 23rd 

Spectrum Laser Lights Shipping Department will generally process and ship all orders the same day, or within 24 hours of receiving a customer order. We handle order fulfillment as quickly as possible on our part, however once the package is with the carrier, Spectrum Laser Lights has no control over package transit times, subsequent delays, weather delays or any issues related to transit times. Spectrum Laser Lights does not guarantee delivery times, due to many mitigating factors around the holidays, we can only suggest estimates,. The carriers we use are 3rd party delivery services. Contacting us regarding how long it is taking for delivery will not speed up the transit time on your package.


The holiday peak period, means additional transit times may be added your package. In most cases delivery will be made on time and without delays, in some instances delivery times may be extended beyond our control. USPS has indicated transit times may take 7-10 days longer during the holiday peak period for 2023-2024.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: During this peak holiday time, Spectrum Laser Lights cannot guarantee or quote exact delivery times, as the destination country may have customs delays, import duties to be paid, and other circumstances beyond our control.


Expedited Shipping is available beyond the Flat Fee rate on most orders. Contact us if you wish to have an order expedited with faster delivery times, where we can provide a quote for the shipping rate on more urgent orders, and send an invoice for the expedited cost.



Orders cannot be cancelled once the shipment is picked up from the delivery courier or in transit. Should the purchaser wish to cancel or refund the order, the purchaser shall be responsible for return shipping cost.  Spectrum Laser Lights Corp offers NO GUARANTEES on delivery times or expected delivery times. Delayed deliveries shall not be refunded, or discounted, as delays are of no fault of Spectrum Laser Lights Corp. We will do our best to track orders and facilitate delays, however shipping delays are of no fault of Spectrum Laser Lights Corp once the order has been fulfilled and in the delivery couriers possession. In the event a shipment or delivery has been delayed or not delivered, and in progress, a trace can be initiated to locate the package for delivery. During this time a replacement order cannot be fulfilled, until the investigation is complete. Understand by initiating a trace, or investigation it can cause additional delays to the order fulfillment process. The procedure for locating the missing package must be followed first before any subsequent resolution can be issued.


Carrier Transit times Map