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3 Way Splitter Cable - C-TIP Connection - Costco Reindeer

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Style: C-TIP



Three way cable splits a single male C-TIP connector for power adapter or extension to three female C-TIP connectors for various lights/devices, including the Costco Reindeer. 


Watertight connection with o-ring seal to withstand harsh elements. Heavier gauge cable for longer life. 


Connection type: C-TIP 

AWG: 22 gauge

Connection: 1 Male - 3 Female 

3 way Cable Length: 7 feet

Voltage: up to 36vdc

Polarity: Interchangeable

Polarized - lines up with keyway notch 

Rain Proof: Rated IP44 for wet locations


PAIRS WITH: CZJUTAI 29v 0.80a power adapter



Make sure you cover your power adapter to prevent water damage and failure!

Power adapter is an open connection. This connection must be placed in a weather proof housing, or enclosure to protect it from the elements. Even wrapping the connection with plastic wrap or weather proof material will be advised over an open connection.