Spectrum Laser Lights

Outdoor Safety Cover - Power Adapter - Extension Cord Safety Cover - IP44 Waterproof Seal, Weatherproof Electrical Enclosure Box

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Protect your power adapters and extension cord connections from the elements, rain and snow proof for wet locations. Leaving connections exposed and adapters uncovered risks destroying the adapter and the lighting device connected. Protect all of your connections with our safety enclosure cover, and protect your investments for years to come. For seasonal and permanent installations. 


Color: Green/Black
Brand: Spectrum Laser Lights
Connector: Rubber Gland
Case Material: Polypropylene

About this item

  • Designed to keep cord connection secure and protected. Large housing fits straight plugs, right-angle plugs, transformers, power adapters and other bulky electric connections.
  • With the 4 corner clips, snap-lock lid, and self-adjustable rubber gaskets, this outdoor power box is IP44 waterproof. Perfect to seal 12, 14, 16, 18 gauge cord, braided wire and flat cable.
  • Made with heavy-duty reinforced PP material to withstand rain, snow, water, dust, dirt and more, continuously protecting outdoor connections from electrical hazard.
  • Easy to use, just connect your cords, place the connection into the safety seal enclosure and close, no tools required.
  • Ideal for a wide range of outdoor & indoor applications including lawn and garden power tools, holiday and landscape decoration lighting, pool pumps, fountains, fish ponds, patio heaters, air conditioners, security cameras and more.



  • An Angled Adapter MUST used an Angled extension cord. You cannot use a straight extension cord and bend it into the enclosure.
  • A straight adapter can use a straight extension cord.
  • Multi outlet blocks and strips will not fit in this enclosure. This is for a single connection.