Spectrum Laser Lights

Extension Cable Male to Female - Extension C-TIP

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Style: C-TIP

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Male to Female Extension Cable great for extending laser lights, reindeer and various displays an extended distance. High quality conductor for minimal voltage drop over longer cable runs.


Watertight connection with o-ring seal to withstand harsh elements. Heavier gauge cable for longer life.


Connection type: C-TIP 

Connection: 1 Male - 1 Female 

AWG: 22 gauge

Cable Length: 16 feet

Voltage: up to 48vdc (300 vac)

Polarity: Interchangeable

Polarized - lines up with keyway notch 

Rain Proof: Rated IP44 for wet locations


PAIRS WITH: CZJUTAI 29v 0.80a power adapter



Make sure you cover your power adapter to prevent water damage and failure!

Power adapter is an open connection. This connection must be placed in a weather proof housing, or enclosure to protect it from the elements. Even wrapping the connection with plastic wrap or weather proof material will be advised over an open connection.