CZJUTAI 3 volt 1.00A LED Class 2 Power Supply JT-DC030V1000-C

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Need a replacement Power Adapter? 

Whether your adapter quit working due to water damage or accidentally broken, the CZJUTAI Class 2 power adapter will get your device back up and running. Suitable for many devices, works on any power grid globally. 

CZJUTAI Class 2 Power Supply 

Model: JT-DC030V1000-C | 1.00 Amp


    Input Voltage: 110v - 240v

    Output 3 volt at 1.00 Amp

    Right tip Negative - Left tip Positive

    Polarized - lines up with keyway notch 

    Works worldwide - needs a 2 prong connector for region of use.

    Rain Proof: Rated IP44 for wet locations


    Make sure you cover your power adapter to prevent water damage and failure!

    Power adapter is an open connection. This connection must be placed in a weather proof housing, or enclosure to protect it from the elements. Even wrapping the connection with plastic wrap or weather proof material will be advised over an open connection.