CZJUTAI 12 volt 0.30A LED Power Supply JT-DC120V0300-C

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Need a replacement Power Adapter?  

Whether your adapter quit working due to water damage or accidentally broken, the CZJUTAI Class 2 power adapter will get your device back up and running. Suitable for many devices, works on any power grid globally. 

CZJUTAI Class 2 Power Supply

Model: JT-DC120V0300-C  | 0.30 Amp 

Works with TAIJU Yard Inflatables


Input Voltage: 110v - 240v

Output 12V at 0.30A  

Right tip Negative - Left tip Positive

Polarized - lines up with keyway notch 

Works worldwide - needs a 2 prong connector for region of use. 



Make sure you cover your power adapter to prevent water damage and failure!

Power adapter is an open connection. This connection must be placed in a weather proof housing, or enclosure to protect it from the elements. Even wrapping the connection with plastic wrap or weather proof material will be advised over an open connection.